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When itchy eyes are not helped by eye drops

Published drjohnmusumeciadmin on July 9 2019

Patients will often present with the symptoms of “itchy eyes” and have been using drops for several weeks after having seen the chemist or even their family doctor without any improvement in their symptoms.

Here is a case of a 60 year old lady with “itchy eyes”. She did not have any known allergies and when I asked her specifically about where she felt itchy, she said “the lid margins feel itchy, like I would like to scratch them, especially at night time”.

The photo above shows crusty white deposits at the base of the eye lashes which accounts for the itchiness and a red eyelid from the eye rubbing. The right photo shows the same eye 3 months after treatment with complete resolution of the deposits and a less irritated, normal looking eyelid.

So, if you suffer from itchy eyes, remember not all cases may be due to ocular allergies and a different approach is required. See photos below for similar cases.

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