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Children’s Optometrist and Eyecare Services

It may surprise you to know that one-quarter of Australian children have some form of vision problem that requires either immediate attention or ongoing assessment. There is also an association between vision and learning and this plays an important role in the personal, educational and social development of children.

John Musumeci is a children’s optometrist in Fairfield, offering professional services to resolve reading difficulties and learning difficulties while enhancing your child’s eyesight and vision as a whole.

We Provide Care and Solutions for Their Visual Needs

There is an important distinction between the sight and vision of the term. Sight refers to the ability to see while vision is the brain’s ability to interpret and understand the information that comes into our eyes.

Vision problems in children should be identified as early as possible so that appropriate treatment can be implemented. This can help to address reading difficulties, learning difficulties, poor comprehension skills, and a range of other signs and symptoms.

Reading and Learning Difficulties

Vision defects in children should not go untreated and those with learning difficulties are particularly at risk. It is imperative that all children receive a thorough eye examination to rule out the possibility of a vision defect. This ensures that a child’s visual processing will not have an adverse effect on their performance at school, allowing them to achieve their best results.

As well as a comprehensive examination, our optometrist may complete a Colorimetry Assessment and prescribe glasses with coloured lenses. Research has shown that precisely tinted lenses can help many children overcome reading and learning problems.

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Signs & Symptoms of Vision Problems in Children Include:

  • Squinting or screwing up the eyes, holding a book to close, lack of interest in outdoor activities.
  • Difficulty in concentrating or maintaining clear focus, fatigue or headaches after reading, skipping lines when reading, poor comprehension.
  • Irritability, lack of concentration, poor handwriting, glare sensitivity, increase in fatigue
  • Covering one eye when reading, head tilt or rotation to one side, poor eye-hand coordination
  • Unusual body posture and close working distance for reading.
  • Confuses left & right directions

For more information, visit our children’s optometrist in Fairfield or call John on 02 9727 5442.

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