Myopia Control
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Myopia Control Fairfield

When it comes to eye health, prevention is key.

If you have been diagnosed with myopia, or if you suspect you may have this condition, you cannot afford to take any chances with your eyesight.

With almost 40 years of industry experience, Dr John Musumeci Optometrist in Fairfield is a professional expert in myopia control. Our eye care facility offers advanced myopia control treatments, to help preserve your vision, improve your quality of life, and mitigate the impacts of myopia.

Exceptional Myopia Lenses in Fairfield

Are you looking for the rated top myopia lenses for your eye concerns in Fairfield? Dr. John Musumeci Optometrist offers a variety of the best quality myopia lenses designed to control the progression of short-sightedness. Myopia lenses work by reducing the stress and fatigue linked to the development and progression of myopia.

Our primary focus is on the health of your eyes. With comprehensive eye examinations, we ensure the early detection of eye diseases, including the progression of myopia.

Specialised Myopia Treatment in Fairfield

Are you concerned about your eyesight? We offer the latest methods of myopia control including high standard myopia treatment. Our professional team is trained in the latest advancements in optical technology, so you don’t need to worry about the outcome of your treatment.

Treatment options to control myopia include Orthokeratology, which is a non-surgical procedure using specially designed contact lenses to reshape the curvature of the eyes as you sleep. This correction process provides clear vision during the day, eliminating the need to wear glasses or regular contact lenses.

As a children’s optometrist, our centre focuses on innovating and developing new ways to control this condition in children, using strategies like atropine eye drops and multifocal contact lenses.

Why Choose Dr John Musumeci Optometrist for Myopia Control in Fairfield?

Dr. John Musumeci has served the Fairfield community with a reputation steeped in expertise, quality patient care and innovative techniques. Here’s why we are the preferred myopia control optometrist in Fairfield:

  • Expertise: Received his Bachelor of Optometry degree with Honours Class 1
  • Personalised Care: We offer tailored solutions for your unique visual needs.
  • Advanced Technology: Our centre uses the latest advancements in optical technology
  • Convenient Location: Our Optometry centre is conveniently located in Fairfield with access to ample parking.
  • Comprehensive Service: We provide all-inclusive optometry services; from vision correction to ocular disease detection and management.

Call us today on 02 9727 5442 to discuss your myopia control needs and to find out how we can assist you in preserving your vision.

How to Control Myopia?

Managing Myopia requires a comprehensive and personalised approach. Depending on the age and severity of the case, your eye doctor might recommend a range of treatments:

  1. Prescription Glasses or Contact Lenses: These may include bifocal or varifocal glasses or contact lenses.
  2. Orthokeratology: It involves wearing rigid contact lenses that reshape the cornea and control the progression of myopia.
  3. Atropine Eye Drops: Mild concentrations of atropine eye drops can be used to control the rapid advancement of myopia.
  4. Lifestyle Modification: This includes optimal visual care such as reducing the time spent on close work, spending more time outdoors, and taking regular breaks during close tasks.

Get Started with Myopia Control Today

Access to quality optometry services should be a priority for everyone. Reach out to our optometry centre in Fairfield to get the myopia control you need.

Make an appointment online or give us a call on 02 9727 5442. Our dedicated and experienced team of professionals can support you with a preventative approach to eye care that works for you.

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