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What is Visual Stress?

Visual Stress is a condition that results in sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes, as well as light sensitivity. This includes excessive light from digital screens, fluorescent lights, car headlights, and outdoor lights.

The symptoms can occur despite normal vision, and in some individuals, this condition can cause visual perceptual problems which interfere with reading.

Visual Stress is estimated to be present in 5-15% of the general population in varying degrees, and up to 40% of poor readers. The symptoms become more apparent when intensive reading is necessary, especially during exam time and as deadlines approach.

Tired Eyes: Fatigue Causes And Treatment

Recent imaging studies suggest that the symptoms of Visual Stress may be caused by hyperexcitability of the visual cortex in the brain. Suppression of this hyperexcitability allows patients to read comfortably for long periods of time, as well as reducing the frequency and intensity of headaches & migraines.

Eye Strain Symptoms And What To Do About It

If you regularly experience eye strain, tired eyes or other symptoms of Visual Stress, we recommend a comprehensive eye examination. Based on the results of this visit, Dr John Musumeci will then schedule a follow up appointment for a Colorimetry Assessment.

Other Common Diseases

A Colorimetry Assessment will investigate whether prescription optical filters will relieve the symptoms associated with eye fatigue and Visual Stress. The assessment involves reading text and viewing digital screens through coloured overlays and through various wavelengths and strengths of light in a controlled visual environment.

Migraines and vision

Dr John will determine which filter provides the most relief. This can then be incorporated into your spectacles to alleviate your symptoms and improve your overall vision. We can also customise your sunglasses so they provide the best glare protection and visual comfort.

Epilepsy and vision

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Addressing Computer Vision Syndrome Fairfield

Did you know that prolonged working on the computer or digital devices can lead to the condition known as computer vision syndrome (CVS)?

Vision-related discomforts such as eye strain, migraines, and visual fatigue are common conditions, and John Musumeci has over 35 years of experience in diagnosing and treating CVS. With our team, we can make you more comfortable.

If you are constantly battling with light sensitivity, tired eyes, and frequent headaches associated with screen viewing, it’s time to think beyond just adjusting your screen brightness or taking regular breaks.

Effective treatment of CVS requires a comprehensive understanding of your eye health, vision problems, and lifestyle habits. With John’s extensive knowledge and personalised approach, you can gain much-needed relief from the persistent discomforts associated with CVS.

Book an appointment now for your eye examination. Whether you’re concerned about your eye health in Chester Hill or surrounding suburbs, call us today at 02 9727 5442.


Understanding the Symptoms of CVS

When dealing with computer vision syndrome, it’s crucial to recognise the symptoms. They can range from light sensitivity, visual fatigue, migraines, and are often triggered due to intense screen viewing.

Effective treatment of CVS requires a comprehensive understanding of your eye health, vision problems, and lifestyle habits.

With John’s extensive knowledge and personalised approach, we encourage you to make an appointment to explore the best solutions for your eye care needs.

Managing CVS – Chose an Experienced Optometrist

At our Fairfield clinic, Dr John conducts a detailed assessment of symptoms, lifestyle habits, and eye health.

Planning a personalised management strategy for every patient, Dr John understands the eye care needs of CVS patients and uses state-of-the-art equipment to identify the underlying causes of your symptoms.

If your work or lifestyle requires prolonged screen viewing, experiencing symptoms such as tired eyes, visual fatigue, light sensitivity, or migraines is not uncommon.

Whether you’re based in Chester Hill, Canley Heights, and nearby suburbs of Fairfield, Dr John offers guidance on improving your workspace ergonomics and habits to prevent recurring CVS symptoms.

Epilepsy and Vision

Are you dealing with epilepsy and have specific vision needs?

The often overlooked connection between vision and epilepsy is impactful. Medical practitioners now understand that vision issues can both contribute to and result from epilepsy.

Flashing lights and patterns can trigger seizures in some individuals, making it crucial to manage the light sensitivity associated with epilepsy. Frequent seizures can affect your eyesight, so it’s important to speak to a professional and create an eye care plan that works for you.

Why Choose Dr John Musumeci Optometrist for Computer Vision Syndrome in Fairfield?

Serving local communities like Fairfield, Bonnyrigg, and Greenfield Park for over 35 years, Dr John Musumeci has built a reputation for providing comprehensive eye examinations and personalised eyecare.

Are you looking for expert help to manage computer vision syndrome? Connect with John Musumeci for personalised vision solutions.

Book an appointment online or call us at 02 9727 5442 to schedule a consultation.


Signs & Symptoms of Tired Eyes & Visual Stress

  • Movement and blurring of printed text; letters changing size or shape
  • Patterns (rivers or worms) and coloured halos in printed text
  • Headaches, visual discomfort, and tired eyes while reading
  • Red, sore and watery eyes, and eye strain
  • Moving closer or further away from the book or computer screen
  • Using your finger as a marker on the page; skipping words or lines
  • Frequently re-reading the same line
  • Eye rubbing or blinking frequently when reading
  • Poor comprehension when reading
  • Falling asleep when reading or watching TV
  • Inability to wear sunglasses comfortably
  • Problems going up escalators, going into shopping centres, night driving, or watching TV
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