Migraines & Other Neurological Conditions



While they can have many triggers, approximately two-fifths of migraines may be related to vision and visual stress. Migraines and vision may be closely linked when the attack is triggered by reading, sensitivity to flickering light, and sensitivity to visual patterns. In these cases, tinted lenses may be able to help.

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Photosensitive epilepsy is a form of epilepsy where the majority of seizures are triggered by flashing and flickering lights. In these cases, epilepsy and vision may be closely linked, and tinted lenses may be able to reduce the prevalence of seizures.

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects the nervous system of the body. In some MS sufferers, vision is also affected as the visual system is unable to process light comfortably. In these cases, where multiple sclerosis and vision may be linked, tinted lenses may provide clearer and more comfortable vision for sufferers.

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Signs & Symptoms of Tired Eyes & Visual Stress

  • Movement and blurring of printed text; letters changing size or shape
  • Patterns (rivers or worms) and coloured halos in printed text
  • Headaches, visual discomfort, and tired eyes while reading
  • Red, sore and watery eyes, and eye strain
  • Moving closer or further away from the book or computer screen
  • Using your finger as a marker on the page; skipping words or lines
  • Frequently re-reading the same line
  • Eye rubbing or blinking frequently when reading
  • Poor comprehension when reading
  • Falling asleep when reading or watching TV
  • Inability to wear sunglasses comfortably
  • Problems going up escalators, going into shopping centres, night driving, or watching TV
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