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Visual stress is a photosensitive condition which causes vision problems as well as reading and learning difficulties.

The Intuitive Colorimeter™ was scientifically designed by Professor Arnold Wilkins at the British Medical Research Council in 1993. It allows vision specialists to present colours in a controlled colour space and to accurately identify the precise colour that will resolve the symptoms.

The final chosen colour can be prescribed into Cerium Precision Tinted Lenses. Using modern technology, this can be incorporated into any modern lens design and in combination with anti-reflective coatings and Transitions SGEN 8 technology (sun-adaptive tint).

The Colorimetry Examination

1. Full Eye Examination

This is required to assess any refractive errors, eye co-ordination problems and to rule out any ocular pathology.

2. Overlay Assessment

The use of coloured overlays placed over text will give an indication as to whether colour will resolve the symptoms.

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3. Colorimetry Assessment

The exact colour can be easily determined with the Intuitive Colorimeter™ which presents many colour combinations to achieve the optimal result.

4. Optimizing the Filter

The success of optical filters depends on achieving the exact balance in the normal visual environment.

5. My Summary & Thoughts on Colorimetry

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