Visual stress is sensitivity to visual patterns, particularly stripes, and excessive light from digital screens, fluorescent lights, car headlights and outdoors. Read More.

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For almost 40 years, we've proudly served our local community with exceptional eye care. At our practice, we offer comprehensive eye examinations aimed at detecting, diagnosing, and treating a wide range of eye conditions. From addressing complex visual issues like myopia progression control and corneal reshaping therapy to tackling learning and reading difficulties, we're dedicated to providing personalized solutions. Additionally, we specialise in relieving visual stress through cutting-edge precision optical filters. Your vision is our priority, and we're committed to delivering top-notch care tailored to your needs.

Optometrist Near Granville

Have you recently noticed changes in the quality of your eyesight?

If you’re looking for a local optometrist near Granville, Dr John Musumeci can assist you. Conveniently located in Civic Plaza in Fairfield, you can visit John for all your eyecare, eyewear and visual health needs.

Eyecare Services We Offer

John is proud to assist local patients with vision correction, preventative eyecare, children’s optometry, and the management and treatment of eye-related diseases.

At his Fairfield practice, John can also provide coloured spectacle lenses from the experts at Cerium Visual Technologies. Offering precisely tinted lenses in a range of colours, John may be able to assist you with a range of visual perceptual and neurological issues. This includes:

To organise a Colorimetry Assessment or learn more about tinted lenses, contact us today.

Children’s Optometrist Granville

In his role as a children’s optometrist, John can assist patients with their eyesight, visual processing problems, and related learning difficulties. If your child has trouble with reading, comprehension, concentration or headaches, this may be a sign of vision problems.

Eye Tests Granville

Offering eye tests for the whole family, John can identify changes in your eye health as soon as possible. This allows for the most accurate treatment, management, or vision correction for your needs.

To organise your family’s eye tests near Granville, make an appointment online now.

Dry Eyes Treatment Granville

Dry eye syndrome occurs when your eyes are insufficiently lubricated, resulting in general irritation, tired eyes, and occasional blurry vision. Our optometrist can diagnose and treat dry eyes with a range of topical medications and supplements.

Orthokeratology Granville

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, is a non-invasive treatment for correcting your vision. If you want to enjoy clearer vision all day without having to wear contact lenses or prescription glasses, orthokeratology may be right for you. Simply ask our team to discuss orthokeratology with you and we will recommend if it is suitable for you or your children. To make an appointment to discuss orthokeratology, Granville locals can visit us in Fairfield or make an appointment over the phone or online.

To make an appointment with Dr John Musumeci, call 02 9727 5442 today.

Dry Eyes Treatment Granville

Our clinic believes in a preventative approach to eye care that works for you.

Dr. John Musumeci specialises in addressing the needs of patients with dry eyes syndrome. His comprehensive treatment tackles various potential causes, such as insufficient tear production, eyelid issues, medications, ageing, and specific health conditions.

With his expertise, Dr. Musumeci employs diverse strategies to identify and address underlying problems contributing to dry eyes.

Recognising that each patient’s condition is unique, he tailors personalised treatment plans to your eye health needs. Dr. Musumeci goes beyond treatment, providing valuable education to patients. He emphasises preventive measures, conducts regular check-ups, and adjusts treatment plans based on patient responses, ensuring thorough and dedicated care.

Comprehensive Approach – Dry Eyes Treatment n Granville

Dr. John Musumeci’s comprehensive dry eyes treatment extends beyond symptom relief. Committed to long-term eye health, he provides high-quality care at his Fairfield practice.

For those unable to visit, Dr John offers advice on home remedies and lifestyle adjustments. Patients appreciate the relief gained from his at-home self-care tips alongside prescribed treatment.

Dr. Musumeci not only alleviates dry eye discomfort, but educates patients on preventing eye diseases.

Choose Dr John Musumeci Optometrist for Dry Eyes Treatment in Granville

There are many reasons why locals trust Dr John Musumeci’s optometry services.Here are a few reasons why Dr John Musumeci Optometrist should be your first choice for dry eyes treatment:

If you are troubled by dry eyes, don’t allow this condition to hinder your day-to-day activities. Make an appointment with Dr John Musumeci today either online or by phone at 02 9727 5442. Good eye health is just a call away.

How to Ease Dry Eye Symptoms?

While it’s crucial to have professional dry eye treatment, you can do a few things at your home to ease the symptoms until your appointment. A few simple steps can help you manage this condition:

  1. Use artificial tears or lubricating eye drops
  2. Take regular breaks while reading, watching television or working on a computer
  3. Use a humidifier to increase indoor humidity
  4. Warm compresses may help unblock blocked oil glands in the eyelids, which could be contributing to your dry eyes
  5. Limit your exposure to wind, dry air and cigarette smoke.

Remember, these are only temporary measures. It’s crucial to have a proper medical examination to identify the root cause of your dry eyes syndrome and get professional treatment. So book your appointment with Dr John Musumeci today for effective, personalised eye care.

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