Progear Anti-Fog Gel©
  • Progel

Wearing face masks during this pandemic can be a real problem for those of us that wear glasses because they fog up, especially in the cool weather

Well, we now have available Progear Anti-Fog Gel© for sale for just $19.95.

Progear Anti-Fog Gel is a fog-free soft gel spread as an ultra-thin, invisible, dry coating onto the lens surface. It absorbs moisture and stops your lenses fogging up. It is safe for all lens materials including multi-coated lenses. Best of all, one application of the Progear Anti-Fog Gel© lasts 24 hours.

Instructions to use:

  • Apply only one tiny drop (size of a sesame seed) on the inner side of the lens surface, or both sides for even better results. 
  • Gently wipe entire lens until dry & clean. DO NOT use a microfiber cloth. Only use the yellow Chamois cloth included. The 5g tube is enough for 100 applications.
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